Brother Randolph Lavasseur, Entered Apprentice Mason, was passed to the Degree of Fellowcraft on Tuesday, March 15th, in full form and ceremony. He was obligated by Wor. William Cullen (who also presided in the East in the First Section) and the traditional lecture was delivered by Wor. Schmalz who was presided over the Second Section. Brothers Cort Crosby and Ben Berk made their degree debut in their respective offices of Senior & Junior Deacons in the First Section. Bro. Mark Palmer presented an inspiring Staircase Lecture and Wor. Charlie Hoyez delivered a fine charge as did the other Officers in the positions.

In this episode of On the Level Andrew Selwyn-Crome talk to rock star Rick Wakeman in what turns out to be a from the heart discussion about his family, his masonic membership and what Freemasonry means to him.

In this second part of the interview Rock Star Rick Wakeman talks about how he applies masonic lessons to his daily life.